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Introducing the Tidal Master

After watching a program on renewable energy in early 2020, the inventor of the Tidal Master made a ground-breaking discovery. The world lacked a simple, capable and durable tidal energy solution to power the cities of today and the generation of tomorrow. An untapped yet enormous source of energy and power.

Research revealed numerous under water turbines and systems attempting to harness energy from waves, all falling short of their promises due to the inconsistent nature of the ocean surface. Knowing that there was no force as strong or consistent as the tide, a new design was spawned to harness this potential.

After numerous prototypes and several months of research, the design was proven. Every prototype submerged in a custom-built oval tank flowing thousands of litres of water. This allowed extensive tests to be performed until a method to supercharge the design was perfected, by exploiting the laws of fluid dynamics.

Global climate change, our requirement for renewable energy and our desire to preserve our planet only reinforces the need for such a solution. Today there is a system ready to power our cities with clean, green power 24/7. The Tidal Master is that solution.

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June 2, 2021

Today is the 27th of May, the day after a spectacular super moon was seen the night before and a lunar eclipse to boot. The moon was so large and bright, one could be forgiven for thinking you could almost reach out and touch it. Naturally, this meant there were some monstrous tides that accompanied…

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Tidal Master™ – Foul Play

May 18, 2021

The Tidal Master™, is a new innovative way of harvesting high volumes of power from incoming and outgoing tides. Its unique ability to concentrate tidal flows using the Bernoulli effect is unrivalled in the current throng of tidal solutions, generating vast quantities of current per cubic meter of ocean flowing through the system. Power generated…

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Tidal Master – The Torque of the Tides!

March 15, 2021

With our world’s continuous need for reliable energy, expanding clean, green renewable energy sources is more important than ever to combat our dependency on fossil fuels and the emissions they create. The insurmountable volume of scientific data published to support the decline of ecosystem health, has seen communities all over the world move to minimise…

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